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  The source of Energy

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PostSubject: The source of Energy   Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:48 am

A summary of the physical and chemical nature of life must begin Winnipeg Escort , not on the Earth, but in the Sun; in fact, at the Sun's very center. It is here that is to be found the source of the energy that the Sun constantly pours out into space as light and heat. Winnipeg Escorts This energy is librated at the center of the Sun as billions upon billions of nuclei of hydrogen atoms collide with each other and fuse together to form nuclei of helium, and in doing so, release some of the energy that is stored in the nuclei of atoms. Winnipeg Asian Escort The output of light and heat of the Sun requires that some 600 million tons of hydrogen be converted into helium in the Sun every second. This the Sun has been doing for several thousands of millions of year. Winnipeg Asian Escorts
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The source of Energy
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