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 The spa experience

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PostSubject: The spa experience   The spa experience EmptyWed Jun 29, 2011 1:26 pm

Are you a housewife who is fully immersed into the hubbub of daily household chores? Do you find it difficult to spend time for yourself? If so, remember, you are mistreating yourself. It is essential for your body and mind to take a break occasionally from the daily chores and to go through some rejuvenating experience.And if you are in search of an unwinding experience, it is advisable to go to an ayurvedic spa resort where your body will be pampered with massages and fomentation. You can have many other body exfoliation methods which will also provide a positive relaxed attitude to your mind.

The spas are believed to have originated in Greece and it is said that the gentry of Greek society used to spend time at hot springs since 500 BC. It was to treat their skin diseases that they mainly went to spas during those ancient times. Later Romans followed the Greek tradition of spa experience and called the hot springs Sanus Per Aquam (SPA) which means `healing through bath’.

The trend of setting up artificial spas for beauty and skin care programmes evolved later. Spas were introduced in India only during the British rule. It again took decades for the spas to be popular among the public in India. Now there are various spas set up in the country which include day spas, Ayurvedic spas, hotel spas, resort spas and medi spas.
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The spa experience
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